My new home!


So, yesterday felt like a success for me! I had overcome my doubt to start my own blog. That was because I’ve always been very insecure about what people think of me. But then I just realized that it is not about being cool or whatever, but this is about me writing the things that I want to share.
By now I started to tell some people around me what I have started and everyone seemed to be very excited! Even though it’s quite contradictory with what I said before… A little confidentiality boost is always great to gain. 😛

For my second blog, I will zoom in on a new and exciting event that happened. A year ago my boyfriend (Jeen) and I were planning to start moving in together. And after a long and dreadful search for an apartment suited for the both of us, we finally found one!! It’s located in a sweet, small town in The Netherlands not far from a big city.

Now, we moved in together since January this year and it’s been so amazing. The apartment is not really huge but it is big enough for us. What I like most about our apartment is that we have a study/ workroom and a separate room as a walk-in closet! 😊


*Self-designed open closet by Ikea*

When we bought the apartment, the only downside was the bathroom… It didn’t look very maintained over the last couple year. It seemed like no one had done something about it before. So, we took the initiative to let the whole bathroom be renovated! It took us a month to come up with an appropriate design suited for the small size of the bathroom. Now a few months later, the workers finally started with the renovation and now it is almost ready! Just the last finishing touches have to be made and then we can take a shower at home, at last! 😀 Can’t wait!!

*These are just some quick pictures, just to give you an idea.*

Before all this, I lived in a student house in the city Utrecht, where I also do my study at the University of Applied Science Utrecht. As a student, Utrecht is really a great place to live. It has many great shops and bar to go by. It is a beautiful city with a lot of history. I still go often to Utrecht for my study or just to go to the cafe with some friends. 😛

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Here some photo’s we made of Utrecht, The Netherlands

Well, this was my second blog for now. Hopefully, you liked it! 😊

Much loves!



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