I found myself a new hobby :P

Cupcakes with background

For a long time, I was searching for a new thing to do. I’m already very hooked up to music and it will always be my passion, but now and then I wished to make something visuals to show to others. I tried to do some drawings and doodling, but my hands are too shaky so my motivation went very low on that subject… Still, I liked the idea of making cute drawings so my search continued!

Yesterday Jeen and I went to Utrecht for some museums. Because of this new lifestyle of recording my moments in life, Jeen is teaching me how to make nicer pictures. He showed me some nice spots in the city and learned me what angle I had to photograph.

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Here some photo’s we made in Utrecht!

We talked the whole day about our dreams and how we wanted to accomplish these. We were brainstorming a lot about all the possibilities for in the future.
At this moment Jeen is starting his own website and products with a technique called Photogrammetry. Jeen is a 3D Artist, what means he can make awesome things in 3D programmes. He studied this with the idea of going into the gaming industry but now he is doing way cooler stuff like photogrammetry. You may think: “What is photogrammetry??” Well, good question. When he started with this, I had no idea what he was talking about so he explained: it means that you photograph an object from all sides and implement these photos into a program. This photogrammetry program can make a 3D object out of all these photos. So what is the added value of a technique like this? The 3D models are now photorealistic and it has more details.


This is one of my sports shoes. 🙂

Want to see more? Go to: http://www.je-vi.com (still under construction! XD) &

Anyway back to my story. 😛 For my blog website and other profiles on the internet I had the idea of making my own banner and logo, but I don’t have the skills yet to do so… During the day I felt like we were talking in circles about the mini problems that withhold me from doing this… And then while we were waiting for a drink we ordered at the bar, Jeen had this wonderful idea! During his college years, he worked with a program of Adobe called Illustrator. With this, I would have the opportunity to make my cute little doodlings digital and more precise. It felt like a world of possibilities was opened for me! Instantly I was super excited and I wanted to start with this immediately!

Oefening melon

At home, he showed me this program and taught me the basic tools. He gave me the exercise to search for an easy picture that I wanted to make on Pinterest. So I picked a very simple one, the little melon on the left in this Pinterest picture.
First, it was very hard for me. For this exercise, I had to redraw this figure to get used to how the (half-) circles work, the layers and how to fix little mistakes I made. When I redraw the lines, he taught me some basics of color pallets. While searching on the internet I found this pastel color pallet that I wanted to use for my watermelon!

*I wanted to give credits to the website you see on the Pinterest picture but after trying out this link, it didn’t work…*


For the watermelon, I chose the darker green for the edge, lighter green for the effects on edge and the top,  the darker red for the inside of the melon and lighter red/orange for the top to make it a 3D object of it.

And this is the end result of my first made illustration!

First Watermelon made!!

Doesn’t it look super adorable!!!! O_O I absolutely love it!! And I’m feeling very proud of my first try with Illustrator, haha.oefening cactus

After my first finished project, I felt over-confident so I took a too difficult project… XD I choose this lovely cactus of Jess Bradley* with some shadow effects in it. That was my mistake… With the lack of tools and tricks, I didn’t know how to make the shadowed parts so my version is without it.



This is my version:

First cactus made!

Oefening cupcake

These two I made yesterday when we got home. This day I wanted to make my favorite treat: CUPCAKES!! So once again I looked for an example to redraw for practice and I choose this little one on the right:

With this shape, I wanted to try to play with some color pallets. So I made five versions of this one!

First cupcakess

Aren’t they cute? O:)

So this has been my little adventure of last week! I am super excited to make more and when I’m more skilled I going to make my own illustrations that I can share with you!

Thank you for reading my blog and I hope you liked it!

Much loves!



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