What a weekend…

For my blog, I wanted to keep a positive vibe throughout all the blogs that I post. But seeing the last few days in our apartment, I had to write about it.

This weekend we had a lot of plans that we wanted to do. For weeks we were planning another game day/night with some friends of ours. We try to do this very often to keep in touch with everyone by playing board games with each other! I was really looking forward to this. Especially because we had planned this day for a long time now because we are all super busy with everything in life… And the fact that almost all my friends live a bit far away in other cities in the country. So seeing them is sometimes quite hard to do…

These were the board/ card games that we wanted to play!


So what did happened? Well in my previous blog, I wrote about the bathroom being almost finished. Well, last Friday the two workers came again for the last finishing touches and Jeen and I were so happy being done with the renovation. But the next day our neighbor came to our door and told us he had a heavy leakage in his storage under our bathroom/ kitchen… O_O

With this, it felt like hell broke loose. 😦 Jeen and I were checking the damage around in our flat/ apartment. We pulled out the kitchen floor and underneath it was soaked with water. It was quite a mess…


Jeen and I were quite panicking about this situation… Because at first, we didn’t know what to do, so we called his dad for advice. I felt very resourceless in this situation. Jeen closed the main water pipe and with that, the leakage seemed to stop in the neighbors’ storage. Problem one solved, check! But now… It seemed that one of the water pipes was leaking what caused the leakage. To fix this, we first had to find out which pipeline it was and were in the wall it was located. In order not to break down the whole tiled wall (that was just finished 😥 ). Personally, I was preparing myself for the worst case scenarios… In the meantime, Jeens dad was coming over to see what was going on. Because he was one of two workers on this project.

In the end what seemed to be the problem was that one of the pipelines was drilled through while preparing to hang the mirror above the sink. When they realized this, every puzzle piece fit together. Problem two solved, we found out which pipeline and where the leak was! Now the tile around the leaking pipeline can be removed. But the Pipeline could not be fixed that day because we hadn’t the right equipment to do this, so we had to wait for Jeens uncle on the next day. Meanwhile, our house looked like a construction site again.


All this happened on Saturday. And with the main water being closed, we couldn’t stay at home for the night. Especially because this was very hot that day and night. So without water, it would be very hard. XD We were staying at Jeens parents that night.

I never mind going to them! They live in a small town close to the water. As you can see in the (not so good photographed XD) picture below their few from the kitchen/ living room.


That evening Jeen and I went to the movie together to keep the weekend in a positive vibe. We were going to a horror movie called Ghostland! Personally, I can recommend this movie if you like a horror story! The movie has a great storyline about two sisters and it has quite some plot twists. Even Jeen couldn’t guess what happened in the end.. XD But I will say no more, otherwise I am going to spoiler it! If you want to see it? The movie is now in the cinema.


The next day we all went back to our house. There we met with Jeens uncle who was going to fix the pipeline and restore with Jeens dad the rest of the bathroom. It all happened underneath this little spot that you can see where the tile has been removed.


We were so lucky that we were able to fix this very quickly. Otherwise, the damage could have been much worse. While I am writing this blog, the bathroom and kitchen are still drying up and we still can not take showers at home. For this, we have to be a bit flexible and creative to take showers at the gym every day.  The only plus side of this is that we have to sport every day. So that is a great excuse to go. XD


It has been quite a hectic weekend for us by canceling all our plans, in order to fix the bathroom. Next time I hope I have more positive news, moments or adventures to share. But as you possibly can understand, this was something bigger what happened.

Now I am going to enjoy the summerlike weather outside!
So thank you for reading my blog and have a great day!


Much loves!


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