Visisting an old friend

In my previous study ‘Leisure & Events’ at the Creative College, Utrecht I had made some friends over the years. The duration of this study was three years and we all graduated in summer 2016. After that, we part ways and some of us started a new study at the University of Applied Science Utrecht, like me. Due to our busy schedules, it was hard to keep in touch with each other. But that’s how life goes. 😛

Graduation 2016


Now almost two years later I decided to visit an old friend of mine. She just moved with her partner into a lovely house on the other side of the country, near to the border of Germany. So I took the chance to see her new place and Jeen came along with me!


After travelling by train for about two hours we arrived in the city called Venlo. As far as we could see from the train station, the city looked very old and beautiful with a lot of flora. Our ride was waiting for us to be picked up and we went to their house.


They gave us a tour through to house and it looked very lovely. I was amazed at every little detail in their house. It was really well though. I loved to see the style of the house combined with their personal style what made a sweet home. It felt very cosy and warm. I was always inspired by her feeling of style. She does a lot DIYs, what makes it very personal.


That evening we talked a lot and it felt good catching up. We played one of my favourite boardgames ‘Stuffed Fables’ and it was really a great night!


Jeen and I missed our last train, so they were very nice to offer us to stay in the guest room for the night. The bed felt so cosy!! 😀


It was a very good weekend with an amazing adventure! It felt good to see my old friend again. I also like that there is some sort of hype coming up with playing boardgames with friends. 🙂

Thank you for reading my blog and follow me on my next adventures to come!

Much loves,


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