Weekend goals!

Don’t you just love the beautiful weather outside? The summer feelings are making me so happy. Preferably I would spend every minute in the sun! But due to skin health, it wouldn’t be the best idea to do… 😛 But still, going to a park or beach to picknick is so relaxing, fun and romantic! ^^


This weekend Jeen and I had made a lot of plans. On Saturday we went again to Ikea to look for some more stuff for the apartment. We wanted more paintings and decorations. Plus we are busy making the balcony more personal with some more plants and decoration lights, but it is still a work in progress.. XD so pictures will come in my next blog!

After the Ikea, we went to this amazing restaurant called Tiger Mama in Utrecht! This was so amazing. I loved the interior design inside and outside. But due to the warm weather, we took place at the outside bar.

The idea is that they have a 10 (surprise) courses menu with all different kinds of small courses from all over the world. I felt very adventurous during diner.. 😛 And of course if you don’t like surprises, you can always choose a Sushi orSimsum menu.


I can’t even remember anymore what courses I had. I had some sushi’s and dimsums and a bowl of vegetables and rice, two times a sort of soup, some sort of curry and kangaroo meat. O_O

This was my dessert. The first one was simple strawberries with a white chocolate lollypop. The right one was some type of pudding with mint flavour with whipped cream! It was so yummy! ❤


And to finish the beautiful day we went to the movies! We went to see the movie Jurassic World, Fallen Kingdom with the actors Chris Pratt and Bryce Sallas Howard. It was really cool and exciting!! We took the Laser Ultra 3D version, so double epic. 😛

I won’t spoiler anything, because it’s just out in the cinema’s. 🙂


The next day on Sunday I got to meet with my sister Daphne. Daphne lives in Luxembourg for her study Business Administration at UBI. Because she lives there, it is hard to see each other due to the long ride of 4 hours. But Daphne is amazing, she is like my best friend and I love to see her as often as possible!

This Sunday we went to a baby shower of a niece of ours. She is having a baby boy over a few weeks. We spend the midday with them eating and drinking a lot of stuff coloured blue. XD haha soooo muchhhhh sugarrrr O_O hahaha


Now Daphne is staying over till Wednesday. I feel good to be able to catch up with her!


Thank you for reading my weekly blog!

Much loves,



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