Summer/ life ideas

For my blog, I seem to write a lot about my adventures on the weekends. Because only on the weekends I have time left to do things that I like. This is because I sport three times a week and on Friday I have my weekly choir assembly. And beyond that, I am still going to college, what means like a lot of preparations for the lessons and learning for exams. These are all absolutely amazing for me, but not so very interesting for you to write about.. 😛 I guess? Plus, Jeen has to work from Monday to Friday. So our time together is usually in the evening and/ or weekends.


But with the summer coming on, I’ll be no more bound to the weekends. (Yay!) I have some ideas for this summer. Due to the high workload, I seem to have lost my feeling for creativity. And with this overload of free time coming on, I wanted to challenge myself to do at least one creative activity each day! This can be a drawing (not that I am good with drawing though XD), playing music, writing more blogs, learning Photoshop/ Illustrator/ editing etc. ANYTHING!  It feels like I want to do so much at one time, that I feel a bit overwhelmed. So one thing at a time is a good rule for me.. XD With that I am still searching this ‘inner me’ and who I want to be (come).
For this, I made a mood board for my blog.

thumbnail_12-06-18 21_24 Office Lens

With my study, I am doing an Honours program called Changemakers. Changemakers has given me insight into some awesome trends in the subjects of digitization, spirituality, neuro-/ bioscience, economy and art. With this information, we have to reflect on what impact these trends will have on our professional field and with us as a person. It is quite interesting to think/ dream about the possibilities in the future with all these technological developments. But to go back to the subject, this Honours program has challenged me to think about my purpose in life. The first time I heard this, it felt too big to find your purpose in a few months. But still, it kept me thinking about what my purpose could be… And funny enough I think I found a path that could lead me to what I want to do with my life:
Due to the events in my life, I have been really focussed on my personal development. But in time, I felt very self-centered because of this. And at some point, I even felt guilty to myself because I forgot the focus on people around me… 😦
I want this to change!!! That why I am going to focus on what I can do to help others with things like support, their own development, anything!

To link this my study of Human Resource Management, I want to specialise in Human Resource Development and Coaching. Maybe I can even do a course in psychology? Who knows what the future will bring!


This has been another version of blogging than I usually do. But I hope to give you insight on what has been going on in my life.

Much loves,



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