Being way too busy.

These last couple of weeks are getting busier by day. This week I am having my finals for my second year of college and at this weekend I am also having a small choir performance in my hometown!!! Super excited! 😀 (more about this in the next post)
But all these events do come with a little bit of high workload, so I am feeling quite nervous about it all. :/


I have been learning my butt off for these last two exams for this year. XD Still, I don’t have the idea that it would be enough to pass the tests due to my fear of failure… So I keep on learning till I am sure that I’ll be able to pass! I have a test of “Strategic Human Resource Management” and “Learning and Development by Organizations.

To keep me from stressing myself out, I was searching for some distractions over the week. So on Monday, I went to the hairdresser to dye my hair!


Haha, I know this ain’t the best picture of myself… But this is how I sat there for over 30 minutes XD And yes, I did enjoy the coffee with a good fantasy book (Harry Potter 3) ^^


With here my end result! I am really blonde now… 🙂 I absolutely love the lighter colour of my hair. The only thing is that I have to give it some more care now with more oil and other hair products. But it’s totally worth it! ^^

Not only did I give my hair a make-over… We also bought some more decorations for the apartment! I really had the feeling that some walls were very empty, so we bought some picture frames to decorate the rooms some more!


For the bedroom, we wanted to hang a shelf above our bed. In order to put this up, we had to drill a lot of holes in the walls. Luckily Jeen is quite the handyman so he fixed that in no time. 😛


With this a temporarily end result. (I know, the bed wasn’t made up properly yet… ) For now, we have put up all of our plushies on the shelf. The collection does look very cute though 😛 In this picture above you can also see a bit of the decoration for the balcony. When it is finished off over a few weeks, you’ll see more of it 😀 Because I am not satisfied yet…


And we had put up some picture frames in the study room. Some still have to be filled with some pictures of our choice, but that is for later!


By writing this I have been taking too much time as a distraction from my time of learning… So, I got to get back into my study books.. yaaaayyyy.. (#not..) XD haha


Hopefully, you enjoyed this little update!

Much love,




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