Choir performance!

Since I moved to a small town in the Netherlands, I have joined the choir “Major KECX.” This is a group of talented young adults who have a passion for singing. We practise songs in the genre of Pop, Musical & sometimes a bit Rock. We love to sing songs like Pentatonix and it always sounds super cool to hear us singing in harmony!

This year my choir and I were invited to sing at the summer performance of KEC (Kunst Educatie Culemborg (Dutch) = Art Education Culemborg, Culemborg is the name of the small town that I live in :D). This summer performance took place last Sunday on June 24th. Prior to this, we had many rehearsals for this show. I was personally asked to perform another song with two singers called the ‘Waters of March.’ This is originally a Brazillian song, but it was translated into English. The song is about the enjoyment en happiness of the start of spring. It is quite an upbeat tempo what made it very hard to sing, but we managed to do great at the performance! ^^


With my choir, we were asked to perform a song by Katy Perry called ‘Rise‘ as the end song of the show! As you can guess from the title of the song, this song was about rising up from dark times. I was one of the lead singers of the song, so I was very proud of that. 😀 I asked Jeen to record the show on Sunday. Optreden foto

The show was compound with different kind of songs. All songs had a story with elements what combined as the whole narrative about how the town was founded 700 years ago. Culemborg has quite an interesting history. 🙂 It feels funny because I only live here for half a year and I know it already so well!

Afterwards, I was so tired of the day… I had to perform like six times and I had no energy left in my body. XD So we went for some delicious Quattro Formaggi Pizzas!! ❤ Yammy!


I made a vlog/video of this day and uploaded it on YouTube!
This is my first ever made video and I edited in Premiere Pro. And knowing it is my first made video, I am very proud! Premiere Pro was quite a high learning curve to get through.. XD

Click on the link below if you want to see the Vlog:


That’s it for this post! Hope you liked it 🙂

Much love,



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