How I edited my video!

Since the start of my summer break, I have been very busy with picking up some new hobbies like Illustrator (one of my previous blogs), Photoshop, After Effects and Premiere Pro. These are all Adobe programs ( Prior to this, I had never worked with programs like these. For me, it was quite a high learning curve, to begin with. I have looked up a huge amount of Youtube tutorials for beginners and step by step I am learning the fine techniques of the programs. After a few weeks, I am still struggling with a lot of effects, details or with correcting my own mistakes. Luckily a lot of Youtubes got us covered with all kinds of tutorials. Just google it and you’ll find your answer in no time!

This post is not a real full tutorial, but just to give you insight into how I edit my video’s. So if you already work with Premiere Pro, you are probably better with the program than I am. This is more for the ones who don’t work with programs like these so that I can show you that if I can do it, so can you! 😀

So what did I do? Here I bullet-pointed step by step my actions:

  1. Open Premiere Pro

    If you don’t have Premiere Pro, you can go to the site of Adobe to get a free trial for 30 days or so… Or you can, of course, take a licence for Adobe and pay a monthly fee (can be expansive though…). When Premiere Pro is opened, you can give your new project a name as you can see in the second picture.
    New project

  2. Click on the workspace: Assembly

    This is not necessary, but I find it easier to work in a specific workspace. If you can’t find it: it’s above on your screen. There are more workspaces you can click on:
    Learning, Assembly, Editing, Color, Effects, Audio, Graphics and Libraries.
    Workspace, learning

  3. Import the videos you want to edit into your video

    To do this, it is obvious that you need to have some video footage to work with. So if you don’t have anything filmed yet, just go out and make something short. It’s only so that you can practise the tools! 🙂
    Import new materialsAssembly

  4. Select and drag the video(‘s) into your timeline, chronologically

    If you have some footage you want to use, you can drag and drop it into the timeline. Even in the timeline, you can drag the clip to the right time period. If you look closely at the button left of the timeline, you can see V1, V2, V3 above and A1, A2 and A3 below. V= video and A= Audio. With the audio, you can mute the track or solo the track. These tools come so in handy during your editing! Just play around with these tools 😛 
    Assembly with import

  5. Click on the next workspace: Editing

    The start is ready. From here on you can edit the video to your own preference. As I said before, I am still at level ‘basic.’ So I’ll keep it basic.. haha XD

    What I did:

  6. Razor tool in the timeline (key: C)

    I cut out and deleted all of the unnecessary or bad video footages. Oh.. and remember to click the selection tool (key: V) again when you are done with cutting the footage… This step I seem to forget all the time and I had to press CTRL + Z (Windows) to correct my mistakes… XD
    Editing workspac

  7. Colour correcting

    For this, I would advise using the Color workspace. In this workspace, you can easily find everything you need on the right side of your screen for colour correction. With this, you can change the colour with the tab colour correction or with creative (right side of the screen). Here you can add filters on the video (I downloaded some extra because within Premiere Pro the filters were quite limited, just google and you can find a lot of free downloads). There are some tricks with Basic Correction that you can find in some tutorials on Youtube 😛 It helped me a lot! So just play around with this and do what feels right 😛 There is almost no right or wrong! Okay… I’ve got to admit, you can do it very wrong with colour correction if you overdo it. XD
    Colour correcting beforeColour correcting after
    You can really see a difference! Love it! ❤ This technique is quite the same with Photoshop, by the way.

  8. Adding effects

    Again go to the next workspace ‘Effects.’ In here the magic can begin!! There are almost endless possibilities what you can do with these, especially when you create some effects in After Effects (that’s another program of Adobe. You can link these two for better effects!)!!
    Link to After Effects

    But for this, you really have to google what you want to do. Some effects are harder to correctly add onto you video than others. Especially when you want to animate these effects!

  9. Add music under your video!

    Most videos and films have music in the background. With adding music to your video, you have to be sure that you have the right license to do so. You can find free music on the internet or you can buy the license to use the song. Otherwise, you can get in trouble with it or be demonetised on Youtube…

    I went to several sites to find the right music:
    – For free music, you can go to
    – One of the most known is (but you have to pay for your songs!)
    – On Soundcloud, there is a playlist with a lot free to download songs. The only thing is that you have to credit the artist in your video or in the text below your video on Youtube!! This is a very important step! And it is one of my favourite ways to use music.

  10. Go into details and try to perfect them

    If you want to upload your video on the internet, you have to be sure that you made no mistakes. Because once it is on the internet, people will see it eventually!

  11. When finished up, you can export the video

    Okay, super exciting part! When you have the feeling your video is done and you have saved it for the last time as a Premiere Pro project, you can start exporting!

    You can do that by clicking File > Export > Media (or use the keys: CTRL + M, Windows).
    Export file

    In the Export Settings, you can adjust your settings for the video. Think about the format size, the name of your video (you can change that by clicking at the Output name), etc.
    Output name

In the few hours that I spend with Premiere Pro, it seemed to have some trouble with loading, saving or the program just stopped/ blocked and I had lost EVERYTHING!! This happened to me twice while I was editing this video… And I was so mad/sad about it XD


See here my first try-out for a vlog video!! Even though, I am very proud of this. I still have to learn much more about Premiere Pro. Eventually, I want to make cleaner video shots to make it more professional!

Thank you for reading my blog!!


Much loves,


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