My Adventure in Scotland

Visiting Scotland in Juli


A few months ago (I guess it was in February) Jeen and I booked an eleven days trip to Scotland! We had a lot of plans and activities that we wanted to do in Scotland. We wanted to see the famous Loch Ness and the big cities like Edinburgh and Glasgow. Personally, I also wanted to go to the Isle of Skye and the Battlefield of Culloden where the Jacobites fought the Englishmen in 1764, in hope for Scotland to become independent.

One of the reasons why I was so interested to go to Scotland was because of two of my favourite TV shows (Outlander and Reign <3) introduced me to the history of Scotland and that’s why I wanted to learn and see more of this beautiful country.

For two weeks I wasn’t able to write blogs about my adventures. But we did make a lot of videos and photos. With this trip, we wanted to take the opportunity to start with making videos and vlogs. I will upload the vlog over a few days when I am done editing. 🙂 Because we have a lot of footage, I am thinking to make it a part 1 and 2 videos on Youtube. I’ll keep you posted! 😀

Okay so back to the trip to Scotland! It was a trip with a duration of eleven days:

Day 1, Calaís (France) to Dover (England) and Stevenage

The first two days were a bus journey from the Netherlands to Scotland. We started our journey by riding through Belgium and France. We took the ferry from Calaís, France to Dover, England.


We slept the first night in Stevenage, England. Here we took the opportunity to wander around the streets in the night before we went to sleep.

Day 2, Blairgowrie (Scotland)

The second day we continued our journey to Scotland. Our first hotel in Scotland was in Blairgowrie (north of Edinburgh). Blairgowrie was a very small but cute town. We loved the little square in the centre of the town.

MVI_0117 (0-00-00-18)_1gjhjh

In this hotel, we stayed for three nights.


Day 3, Edinburgh

The third day we went to the city of Edinburgh! First, we had a tour through the city of a tour guide. After that, we went into the city by foot and we went to see the Castle of Edinburgh and much more!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Edinburgh is a very beautiful city and it has a lot of history. I loved to walk along the streets. We went to see a lot of spots in this city. First, we went to the Elephant House. This bar is where J.K. Rowling wrote her books of Harry Potter and as an HP fan, I had to go there of course!


We also went to see a lot of shops and stores. We found an amazing shop with a lot of geeky stuff like Star Wars, Harry Potter and way more!


Afterwards, we went to lunch at the Jamie’s Italian restaurant of Jamie Oliver. Because of the fact that Jeen is a vegetarian, makes is sometimes hard to eat at restaurants. Most restaurants have little options in their menu’s that a vegetarian or vegan. But this restaurant had the option to make every dish vegetarian! So we were very happy with that and that’s why we choose to sit here.


After our lunch, we had to go back to the hotel in Blairgowrie. In the evening we went to a local Scottish pub and met some local people. That night there was a karaoke bar and we totally enjoyed that evening!

Day 4, Queensview and Castle Balmoral

On the fourth day, we went to see the favourite place of Queen Victoria since she visited the area in 1866 in Perthshire. The view has been called after her. And being there I totally understood the beauty of it.


That day we continued our journey to Castle Balmoral in Aberdeen. This castle has been one of the residences for members of the British Royal Family since 1852. The castles ballroom and gardens are only open to the public between April and the end of July.

In my opinion, the outside of the castle looks like the Disney fairytale kind of castle that every girl dreams of to live in. 😛 It looks so adorable and cute. Personally, this is one of my favourite castles that I visited in my life! Unfortunately, we were not allowed to go inside the castle, except the ballroom.


At the end of the day, we needed to pack our bags again, because we would go to the next hotel the other day.

Day 5, Blair Castle, Whisky Distillery, Pitlochry and Garve

Our fifth day we first went to see Blair Castle in Blair Atholl. This castle was also very beautiful. Luckily we were allowed to go inside the castle (compared to Castle Balmoral). The castle looked more charming on the inside, what made the experience even better.


After the castle visiting, we went to a whisky distillery in Pitlochry. We had to do a whisky tasting with a tour in Scotland. 😛 We weren’t allowed to make a lot of pictures inside. But after the tasting, we were in love with the single malt Scotch whisky so we bought a bottle for ourselves and one for our families. 😀


After the distillery, we went to see the lovely town of Pitlochry. The town has one very crowded street with a lot of shops and bars/ restaurants. I was amazed by the looks of the buildings. It looks very adorable.


After our visit to Pitlochry, we went to our next hotel in Garve. This was a hotel in a very tranquil town. There wasn’t much to do in this small town, but we stayed there for three nights.

Day 6, Rogie Falls, Battlefield of Culloden, Inverness, Loch Ness and Hiking

The sixth day was the one with the most activities in it. From the hotel in Garve, we went to the waterfalls of Rogie Falls. The tour guide was talking about the salmon who would climb/ jump up here at the waterfalls in September. And because it was only Juli, we assumed we wouldn’t see any salmon climbing up yet. But…. we did see two fish jumping up the rocks! We tried desperately to catch them on camera but failed miserably… Haha XD


After the waterfalls, we went to the battlefield of Culloden. Personally, I was very interested in this because I saw a bit of history in the TV show Outlander and went searching for it on the internet. It felt very weird to be at a place where a lot of men had fought and died during the Jacobite war.


After Culloden, we went to the city of Inverness. This city was also very beautiful. Jeen and I were walking down the streets just exploring. I absolutely love the house styles!


We found a bar called Revolution Inverness where they served all these crazy cocktails. The bar looked very nice and hipster XD But I loved it. On the menu, they had instead of happy hours: Happy Days! What meant that you can buy cocktails for 5 pounds from Tuesday till Thursday. So totally took advantage of that… XD hahaha First I went for the Fro-Sloe with gin and strawberry, cranberry juice and much more. And Jeen went for the Bubblegum Daiquiri.


After enjoying ourselves with these delicious drinks we went to the famous Loch Ness! We took the tour boat and we sailed over Loch Ness for an hour. Of course, all of the tour guides were messing around with the tourists about the famous Monster of Loch Ness called Nessie. 😛 Hahaha


At the end of the day, we went back to our hotel in Garve. At first, we were a bit disappointed that there was so little to do in Garve. Normally we would explore the surroundings. We were talking to our tour guide and she told us that there was a waterfall between the mountains just 20 minutes further from the hotel. We were totally excited so we took our hiking boots and went for it. We didn’t have a map or anything, only a few directions from our tour guide.

Well… let me say, the waterfall was not only 20 minutes away from the hotel… XD After walking more then one and a half hour I felt totally lost and a bit scared if we even could find our way back to the hotel. We were walking through a place with a lot of deforestation. So it didn’t felt like we belonged there. But at one point we heard water falling, so we went searching for where the sound was coming from. We walked downwards the mountain through a tough forest and at last, we finally found the waterfall with a bridge called the Silverbridge near Garve!!! I was so happy at that moment! 😀


We found a small path on the other side of the river that we followed back to Garve. We simply followed the water, because we knew that this same water would go next to Garve. This part of the hiking evening was more than beautiful. We saw a lot of mini waterfalls and we even stopped at some places just to rest and to make some footage.


Finally, we found our way back to the hotel. This whole hike took us around four hours and after we were back in our room we went straight to bed. I was sóóóóó tired XD

Day 7, Eilean Donan Castle, Isle of Skye and Portree

By now were away for a week and I felt it hard on my body. I felt extremely tired and being social all the time was getting too much for me, especially because I am introvert. But did not wanted to let it have an effect on my holiday. This day we first went to see Eilean Donan Castle. We didn’t go inside so we only have pictures from the outside.


After that, we continued our journey to the Isle of Skye. For this day we had a local Scottish tour guide who told us a lot of the surroundings and history. It took us a few hours to ride to Skye and we stopped in a town called Portree. Here we had some lunch and went to see some shops.


At the end of the day, we had to pack our bags again because our next hotel was in Dunoon on the next day.

Day 8, Fort William, Oban and Dunoon

Our eighth day we went to the gondola in Fort William. In the winter you can go ski and snowboard here, but now in the summer you can only mountain bike downwards. Not that we did though.. XD Haha We just wanted to go upwards to see the view.

Next, we went to the city of Oban. Immediately, I fell in love with this town! We visited a lot of shops and found a super cute boutique where I bought some clothes and stuff.


In Oban, we talked to a very lovely old lady who told us all kinds of funny stories and some history. She also suggested us to go up to McCaig’s Tower to see the view and so we did. This tower looks like a mini version of the Colosseum in Rome.


With view!

MVI_0540 (0-00-00-03)

After Oban, we went to our next hotel in Dunoon. The hotel had a beautiful view over the water and we could hear the waves from our hotel room, very calming to sleep with.


Before we went to bed, we walked by the shore of Dunoon. We were throwing some pebbles for fun! XD My record was 3x and Jeen totally won with 11x … Hahaha

Day 9, Glasgow

From Dunoon, we took the ferry to Gourock and the train to Glasgow. We wanted to go to the big city for some days. In Glasgow, we first wanted to see some museums. So we went to the Universty of Glasgow where we could go to the Hunterian Museum. This was very interesting.


After the museum, we wanted to find some shops but we didn’t know where to go. Some local people told us a place where we could find some second-hand stores and of course we went there! It had a lot of the same kinds of stores and we were searching for some mini treasures but didn’t really find what we were looking for. :/ So we continued and went to the city centre.

We went into al the stores that looked interesting! There were different kinds of shops like a Harry Potter shop, a second-hand game store, an anime merchandise shop AND SO MUCH MÓÓÓRE! ❤

For dinner, we went to an Italian restaurant. We shared a pizza and gnocchi with mushrooms plate and it was very delicious! ❤


At the end of the day, we had to pack our stuff again because the next day we were riding back to England.

Day 10, Gretna Green and Watford (England)

But before we went back to England, we went to see the place were a lot of young runaway couples married each other.. Called Gretna Green! Besides the fact that is was way too touristy, the place did look very romantic. We even went into a maze where the two loved ones were separated and had to find their way back to each other.


After Gretna Green, we went over the border to England. We rode to a place called Watford where our last hotel was located. We stayed there as a pitstop before we went home the next day.

Day 11, Dover and going back to home

This last day we woke up very early to drive back to Dover to take the ferry to Calaís (France). From France, we rode back through Belgium to the Netherlands. Back in the Netherlands, we went to my hometown s’ Hertogenbosch to eat some Sushi at Shintori! I love sushi sóóó much!! ❤

After that, we went home and it felt so good to be home again!! Even though I love to travel and see the world, I love it to be back at home even more. 🙂


Thank you for reading my blog about my adventure in Scotland! I have uploaded two videos of our vlogs. There is a part 1 and part 2!




Much loves,


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