My collection of Houseplants

Since we just moved into our apartment in January, we wanted to make it feel cosier by adding houseplants to decorate our home! Prior to this apartment, I never had a lot of plants to care for in my student room. I also have to admit that I have so little knowledge of plants. So, adding all these plants into my current home was a little new for me. I had to start by learning the simplest things as re-potting and what amount of water the plants need and how often. Looking up information on the internet definitely helps. But I am also blessed with a friend who knows a lot about plants!

I have collected a lot of different plants already!

1. Living Room

Anthurium Andreanum (Flamingo Flower)

This was one of the first Flowers that I bought. What drew me to buy this plant was that I loved the shape and colour of this flower. In our house, we have a lot of grey coloured furniture and grey tinted colours on the wall. So mixing it up whit bright colours would give it a more balanced look.


Anthuriums need protection from the bright summer sun. If not, leaves will turn to brown. in the winter it is best to place the plant in a more brighter location. Otherwise, the flowers colour can fade if it has too little light.

During the summer it is best to keep the potting soil damp. For this, I bought a moisture meter! It helps me a lot. Otherwise, I would give the plants too much or too little water. Watering once or twice a week is enough for in the winter. It is also good to spray the leaves once in a while.

Anthurium Scherzerianum (Flamingo Flower)

We wanted a plant for in the bookshelf. During the restoration of our house we choose to make a bookshelf our own out of a previous inbuild clothing closet! But because the bookshelf is totally white, we wanted to colour it up with more than only books. That’s why I put the plant over here. 😛

This plant needs the same instructions as the plant above!


Monstera Deliciosa

This next plant is one of my favourites! We bought this plant while it was already very big. Now in the summer, this plant gives big leaves almost every two weeks! It is insane O_O! But I expect that will slow down during the winter. This plant we bought just a few months ago. Prior to this, the living room felt quite empty on this side of the room. So this big beautiful plant really breaks up this emptiness and I love it!!


Another great thing about this plant is that it is very easy to look after. The plant needs a bit of sunlight but should never be in direct sunlight, because the leaves can burn.

In the summer this plant needs to be watered once a week. And in the winter only just once every two to three weeks. It is also recommended to mist the leaves regularly to increase the humidity.

Ficus Ginseng (Bonsai Tree, 2x)

These two cute little trees were a housewarming gift from Jeen’s parents. Now, these trees stand on the front window sill.


The tree is not made for the winter, in you can put it outside in the summer as long the temperature is above 15 degrees. The Bonsai three needs a lot of light. So the full sun is completely fine!

The Bonsai tree needs to be watered frequently. You can water the tree when the soil feels dry. The tree is very easy to care for. It can stand a bit too much or too little periods of water. But the tree prefers a humidity, so misting the leaves frequently.

Cactus (specific name unknown..)

When we were shopping for plants the first time, Jeen is obsessed with cacti! We have a few cacti in our apartment.


The cactus can survive in almost any condition, the bright summer sun but also outside in the winter.

A cactus is known for surviving long periods of almost no water. So this plant really does not need much water. It the summer the cactus needs water only once a month and in the winter maybe once every three months! If you give your cactus too much or too often water, then the roots will rot and your cactus will die… So be careful with that!

2. Study Room

Pelargonium graveolens (Lemon Geranium, live cutting)

I just received these Lemon Geranium cutting to let them grow roots for propagation. It could probably take a few weeks before all cuttings have small roots so that I can pot them. Till then, I’ll wait patiently!


The plant needs full sun to partial shade, especially when grown inside it needs bright sun.

The lemon Geranium needs regular water. The soil must feel damp but not soggy.

Echinocactus Grusinii

This tiny cactus was a small gift from me to Jeen. It was meant to be put on the desk for decoration with the Aloe Haworthia. It is small and very easy to care for.


Same as the bigger cactus, it can have a lot of sunlight but also shadow. It can survive outside in the summer and winter.

Summer once a month is enough and in the cold winters even once per three months.

Aloe Haworthia

This one is also very small and that’s why I picked it. It was meant as decorations on the desk. So it could not be too big. This plant is also very easy to take care of!


It needs bright light, but not in direct sunlight.

In the summer it is enough to let the soil a bit dry out between waterings. In the winter reduce watering to once a month.

3. Bedroom

Scindapsus Aureus (Devil’s Ivy)

When we bought this plant, it was already grown downward to hang. But this plant is originally made to climb upwards. I have been told that when the plant grows upwards the new leaves will grow bigger than when the leaves hang downwards. Interesting fact! Maybe one day when I have a real garden instead of a balcony, I can let it grow upwards. But for now, it hangs up very high at the ceiling in the bedroom.


The ideal condition of this plant is bright but indirect sunlight. This plant does also work with lesser light, but the leaves colours can fade.

Only once a week is enough for in the summer. And in the winter it only needs water once in a couple of weeks. But to prevent the leaves from browning, it is recommended to mist the plant frequently.

Tolmiea Menziesii (Piggyback Plant)

This one was gifted to me from a friend. She grew this one herself from a small cutting! Now I have put the plant in a nice pot for in the bedroom. The cutest thing, I think, is that every leave grows more little (baby) leaves! I am very happy with this new addition!


The Piggyback plant need moderate to bright light, but no direct sunlight. When the leaves are getting pale it is an indication that the plant is not getting enough sunlight.

In the spring it needs water regularly. Try to keep the soil moist, but not soggy. If the soil does dry out the leaves can turn brown.

Echeveria Apus

This succulent plant is an easy but fine plant.


This plant likes full sun. So close to a window is preferred, especially in the winter. This plant can live in- and outside.

This plant does not need a lot of water but the soil must not get too dry. Give the plant only water when the soil is almost dried up.


Echeveria Pearl of Nuremberg (live cutting)

This small cutting (leave) was given by a friend for propagation. With this plant is very easy to propagate. From every leave can grow a new plant. I am letting it grow in a nice pot. The light and water preferences are the same as the Echeveria above.



Sansevieria Trifasciata (Snake Plant)

This plant works even better when you care less for it! Haha. The plant has a reputation to be a diehard plant! 😛 The one I have is still small, but it can grow very big and high. Mine is already growing it second stem. That is why I had to re-pot it recently.


This plant prefers medium light, no direct sun. But it can tolerate low and high sunlight.

This plant does not need much water. Watering once every 2 to 6 weeks is completely fine! Make sure not to overdo it with the watering. Otherwise, the roots will rot. Most of the time it is best to let the soil dry a bit out before you give it more water.


Well, this was my current collection of houseplants!
The instructions in this blog are meant for if one of you want one of these plants. And I have to admit, it is also for myself as a reminder! Haha 😛


Thank you for reading my blog!

Much loves,




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