Let’s lighten it up!

Well, my previous blog posts were pretty dark subjects to talk about… Even though these subjects are parts of my life, I also try to light up the good things in life! You see, I am quite a positive person. Just because I know how low the ‘down’ parts are, I totally appreciate the ‘up’ parts in life!

You may have followed me on my new YouTube Channel:  http://www.youtube.com/GwendolynDijkstra


I have been experimenting with some video’s what I like to do and I have still a few ideas left to make. I mostly prefer to make vlogs of places where I have been in like the weekends or so. And I had a bit fun with the category title: “Travelin’ with Gwendolyn.” 😛 But making my smoothie video was so much fun and I definitely learned a lot! I had to shoot this video in two days because the first time I totally messed up with the shots… I was having trouble with the position of the camera, so mostly I had to hold it myself. But then I wasn’t able to make footage of my chopping the ingredients. But luckily a friend was there to help me, so I was able to make the footages that I had in mind.
If you haven’t seen my video yet, then you can watch it here!

Another video where I am quite proud of is the “What to do When I’m Bored in the Summer” video. Strangely enough, while shooting this video I really did not have in mind to really upload it. It was more of a practice for me to talk a lot on camera. I noticed that I was getting really, REALLY nervous when I had to shoot footage of me talking to the camera, like shooting for any intro and outro for my videos. First I was just talking about the things that I like to do this summer. But I cut the most of that part away because that’s when I got the idea of the video: why not talk about the things I do to not get bored in the summer? And that’s how this video was created! To be honest, making and editing videos like this was the most fun and people finally can get to know a bit more about me! 😛

Another project that I have just started is making review videos. I just uploaded my review about the DC Universe TV Shows, where I talk about the Arrow, The Flash, DC Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl. While shooting this video I was having a hard time, saying out loud what I thought about these series and still be like politic correct or not being biased. Looking back at this video, I could understand why people would want to comment on it. That’s why I said some disclaimers that I didn’t read the comics and don’t know every detail about the series. The weird thing is that I know for sure that there are people who can give a better and more reliable review than me… But I did it anyway!

I also want to add that making videos didn’t come that easy for me. First I was having a hard time to be confident enough to upload a video… I have to admit that I am very blessed with the many supporting friends and family that I have! I know they will support me in any way of creative expression. And I love them all so much because of that! ❤

I know for instance that there are people who would love to express themselves in creative ways but they are held back for many reasons, like insecurity or not having support by their family and/ or friends. My heart breaks when I hear things like this!! Also because I know how important support is from your closest people around you. And I would wish everyone the love and support that they deserve!
Of course is it easier to write or say but if you want to do something that you love, then follow your passion! Don’t let the people around you hold you down. If this is your dream and passion, then don’t let them stop you! ❤

Almost everything is a trial and error, so don’t be afraid to make mistakes in the beginning. It is part of the progress. 😛 This was one of the hardest things for me. In the beginning, I wanted to do everything perfectly from the start. But trying that was my first big mistake! It kept me from writing in English for my blog and uploading videos on YouTube. Because I knew I made little mistakes and I was ashamed of that. I didn’t want everyone on the internet to know that my English wasn’t perfect or that my video skills weren’t professional. This thought has kept me from doing the things that I love for too many years. And now after finally uploading blogs and videos, I finally feel free!


“Follow your dreams” is one of my slogans on the wall.
It reminds me that only I am able to fulfil my own dreams.


Thank you for reading my blog!


Much loves,




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