Quick Update & Autumn Decorations

It has been a long time since I have made a blog. These last few weeks has been really crazy busy for me. Since the end of the summer, I have started working almost full time as an HR Intern in a company called Ceva Logistics in the Netherlands. I am going to work here until half of April 2019. The startup of my internship has been very lovely and welcoming. I seem to have a great team as colleagues so I couldn’t wish for more!

Because of my internship, I have been very tired when coming home. I am trying to keep up some activities like Brazilian Jiu Jitsu on Wednesday and my choir practice on Friday. Besides these days I also try to go twice a week to the gym. But this goal seems to fail for the last couple of weeks… 😛

As the third week of my internship has started, I wanted to start writing blogs again! Even though I made a video two weeks ago at the weekend with Jeen. It seemed to take my whole weekend to make a video like this one. So I have chosen to put my Youtube Channel on hold for the time being… (Sorry…)

It does make me kinda sad that I don’t have time anymore to make videos once or twice a week. I really enjoyed doing this and I could see that my videos were getting better! But this does give me a lot of hope for the future, after I am done finishing up my internship in April 2019. And who knows, maybe I will do a video every once in a while! 😛

So, back to this blog. Over a few days, one of my favourite seasons is about to start. The romantic season with colourful leaves falling off trees. That the temperature is getting colder so that we can put on our favourite sweater. To wrap ourselves up with cosy fleece blankets in the evening, while drinking delicious hot tea. I absolutely love this season very much. Especially, when we are walking through the woods during mid-autumn.

Because this is the first year Jeen and I are living together, we never really bought seasonal decorations for our home. So I was searching on the internet for some simple, but cute ideas to give our home an more autumn feeling. I made a mood board on Pinterest with colours like red, orange, yellow, brown and a bit of green with elements like wood and fire (candles). Also with the idea of Halloween coming up, so eventually I would love to add some pumpkins, lantern and of course creepy Halloween decorations!

But for now, I just bought some stuff in a local shop in my hometown and I started making lovely autumn pieces of it.


This was one of the first pieces I made. I love that this one is really small, but it has everything it needs like a little tea light, some dried flowers, oranges with a cinnamon stick and of course the big (fake) mushroom!


The second one I made was this one with the big blue candle. It is centred in a small basket with some decorations around the candle.


This little one I made in a cute box that I found. Again re-using the dried flowers, cinnamon and oranges. But this one has a candle with a rose perfume and it smells delicious when it’s lit.


This big box has a lot in it. Most of it is randomly placed. Except for the candles and this leaves left above. It may seem like a bit of a mess, but I like the colour combination. And who knows when I feel a bit more creative, I will re-decorate this one! 😛


So this is how our sideboard is looking at the moment! I am still not done decorating our home for the upcoming season, but at least I made a start!


Now I can enjoy this lovely sunset from our apartment!


Good night!


Much loves,


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