Hello again.

Hi everyone! And welcome back to my personal blog! I would like to thank you all for sticking up with me this last year. It has been a crazy year with my HRM study and internship, a new study ^^, a new kitty cat (all about this later in an other blog I will post over a few days), and this year I became an aunt for the first time!!

My sweet little niece Angie when she was only one day old!!
This picture was made this year at February 15th.
Here she is over three months old and for the first time visiting us in the Netherlands! ❤

Looking back at the last few blogs I posted in November 2018, I feel the desire and energy again to write new blogs. I have to be honest, a few months back during my internship for HRM, I didn’t felt like myself anymore. It felt like I wasn’t the best version of myself and it really kept me busy ‘why’. Why did I felt this negative about myself? Why do I feel so passionless?… As far as I can tell now, I had the feeling like I wasn’t giving something back to the world, something that is important for me.
During this period, I was looking for a way to do something that would feel fulfilling to me. I was looking back at every decision I made, why I choose a certain field of study (first event organisation and then HR). What are the things I like about events or HR, and what not? I also written down all my hobbies, passions, stuff that I love and things that gives me energy. But also stuff that drains me from energy. It was really a self-developing session that gave me answer about myself, reasons why I do certain thing and why I felt so disconnected to myself and the work I did during my internship.

It was like I was searching in my past to find the answers for the future. Who do I want to be, what sort of jobs do I love and what do I want to do in the future? In what sort of job can I see myself and be happy too? Those are very interesting, but also extremely hard questions to ask.
I have accepted that I don’t have a passion for HR. And for me, working with passion is a must for living! So I had to look for something else that I could do with passion. I didn’t care anymore for status or level of college degrees. That’s why I found the courage to start a home study for pedagogy/ child care! next to my HRM study and I am loving every bit of it! I already have finished three of the seven exams and in June I will start with my internship at a daycare for two days a week in my hometown. But I have to admit… That I have underestimated the workload of doing double studies with a different planning schedule. But I sure I’ll manage! 😛

Okay that’s it for now!

Thank you for reading my blogs, and hopefully see you next time!

Much loves,


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