Being a HSP, and hallo Gizmo.

A time ago, I found out that I am a High Sensitive Person, and that explained so much! I also figured out that HSP has a lot of qualities, I only had to learn how to fully use those. 🙂 Wanna know more about HSP? Just Google it! 😛
Knowing more about HSP has helped me with understanding my feelings and gave me peace with some of my flaws. But also why I can fully enjoy of a moment or surrounding. Now I know it is okay that I need more ‘me-time’ than my friends and that I like being alone most of the time. I finally understand why being with people makes me feel so tired, even though I really enjoy it. Knowing this made me more confident in my own body and soul. It feels like I can open up to the world and enjoy the little moments more with honest passion and gratitude. An other thing what has been explained is my feeling of need for peaceful and positive environments, and why I feel so relaxed and true to myself when I am with animals.

Talking about animals.. Sinds the beginning of this year my partner and I were looking for a cute little fuzzy kitty cat as an addition to our home and lives! And I have to say… I wasn’t easy to find one, who wasn’t an extremely expensive kitten with a a pure family tree… We absolutely didn’t care about those ‘specially breed’ kittens for their family trees. We wanted a cat for the individual self, for their character and love. It took us some months, a lot of hours on the internet and some networking. The funniest thing is that on the moment we almost stopped looking, I got an email of a lovely lady who was allergic to her new kitten and was looking for a new home for him!
So for the ones who haven’t met him yet, let me introduce you to Gizmo!

Little Gizmo was here just a few months old. He is an Highland straight and super ADORABLE!
Just look at that cutie! ❤

Thank you for reading my blogs, and hopefully see you next time!

Much loves,


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