New internship

Next Monday 2 June, I will start a new chapter for my second study pedagogy/ child care. In my hometown I got the opportunity to work as a pedagogic specialist at a daycare for two whole day’s a week (Monday & Tuesday) and I am super excited to begin!

The daycare has five different locations. Each group has it’s own cute name with butterfly’s, daisies, clovers, rainbows and a little trainstation. I will be working at the little trainstation, near to the real trainstation. This is only 5 to 10 minutes cycling from my apartment. The children are between 0 to 4 years. I love children of this age. So, I chose this age with group specific. 🙂

Here we are playing Catan pocket edition!

Yesterday I just finished my forth exam of the seven theory exams about child care. Of course, I have to take more exams than just these seven like: English, Dutch and Citizenship (yes, this is a study course..).
The first theory exam was about how to take care of children. This was more about nutrition, bullying and some protocols. The second exam I learned about the development of children from 0 to 23 years (most interesting!), language development, fundamentals of development and how to stimulate this. I learned about arrears, problems and disorders, parenting methods and child-participation. The third exam went more about how to communicate with children, like how to motivate them or how to deal with anger issues, conflict management, giving feedback and using meta communication. I had a lot of these subjects and theme’s already during my other study of HRM at the University of Applied Science. I definitely aced this exam! ^^
The subject of my last exam was about quality assurance in child care organisations. It gave me some basic information about
pedagogical policy, educational frameworks and the (new-ish) laws of child care in the Netherlands (IKK, Harmonisatiewet,wet kinderopvang 2019 etc.).

This is my little niece Angie and I! She is sooooo adorable ❤

These two lovably boys are from a good friend of mine! They live close by and it is always a treat to visit them ❤

The old interior of the little trainstation daycare!

Well, wish me luck next Monday for my first day of internship! I am super excited and a little nervous, but I think I will be just fine. 😀

Thank you for reading my blogs, and hopefully see you next time!

Much loves,


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