New semester

For this semester I have chosen for the Minor: ‘Philosophy, Spirituality and World-religion’ at the University of Applied Science in Utrecht, the Netherlands. This week was my first college week after the summer break. The subjects are individually interesting!

Part of the minor is a sort of internship, even though they don’t call it like that. 😛 They call it a practicum, but I have associated that term with chemistry classes in High School. Haha.
I was searching this summer for a good ‘practicum’ place, where I could practice the competences given in advance. I remember being in USA, when I had a positive reaction on my (job) application.

Now I have just got my first meeting with Humanitas and in a few weeks I will be trained by the Humanitas Academy. I am really looking forward for this and the moment when I am trained enough to start my first case.

About Humanitas
Annually Humanitas supports more than 75.000 people who are in need of a helping hand. Humanitas offers a broad spectrum of activities, ranging from buddy projects for immigrants to chat services addressing loneliness, and from parenting support to support groups for people dealing with grief and loss. The Humanitas services are free of charge and available to anyone, irrespective of age, ethnicity, lifestyle and sexual orientation.
The core of Humanitas’ services are provided by volunteers. Some 25.000 well trained volunteers are active in more than 700 projects. They are supported by a professional staff of just over 300 people.
Each volunteer receives a comprehensive training as well as continuous personal guidance. The training and educational services are organized by the Humanitas Academy. Want to know more? Visit the site: (It’s mainly in Dutch)

Furthermore I am super excited for these months to come!
For now, I have a lot of studying to do… Every week a lot of homework. I still work at the daycare at Monday and Thursday. Every Wednesday I have a full day of college and in the evening archery practice. Thursday is my workday at home and ballroom dancing. Friday I work as volunteer over day and in the evening I go to my amazing choir. So yeah, enough to do! But I do it with a smile 😀

Thank you for reading!

Much loves,

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