Long time no see! :P

Hi everyone!

It has been a long time since I wrote something on my blog and today felt like a good moment te start again. The last couple of months were crazy for me with all the double school stuffff.. (two studies: HRM and child care). I had a few setbacks with my graduation research and then this whole Corona epidemic with lock down started. A huge, total bummer.. It is awful what has been happening in the world. And I wish everyone a good health and strength in these times! ❤

But I can’t help but think that this lock down (here in the Netherlands, they speak of an ‘intelligent lock down..’ think of it what you will..) may have some good influences on peoples mental vitality. At crazy times like these, you start to prioritize the things ‘that really matters in life’. Like myself, I was always so extremely stressed out for the new deadlines or meetings. I wanted to do things ‘so perfectly’ that I was starting to get over stressed. These so called ‘deadlines’ were so important in that time, that I cancelled a lot of family and friend meetings… But in the end, family and friends are exactly (!) what is most important in life! It is so super obvious, but easily to forget during your day to day tasks… And even though, in the Corona time they advise you not to meet other people, you can now take a moment and call or write them more often.

I also use these crazy times to be more mindful with the things I do. I try to recover and reconnect with my body and soul through meditations, reading books, walking at the park and taking extra rest. I feel like my energy is regaining and I’m feeling happy again! As some may have read in one of my previous blogs, that depression comes easily back to me. I’m easily off balanced and that’s when I in (I call it:) my ‘danger zone’ of a relaps. In my last blog I told something about this minor I was about to start. By now I have finished it, but it changed my life for the better! It helped me to understand the basics of philosophy and world-religion, but it gave me something greater: it gave me the motivation to start with my spiritual path! During this minor I did some research on some ‘old’ religions like Shamanism, Paganism and the Celtics. Really amazing, and in the end it brought me to the this new religion called Wicca. It’s modern witchcraft with influences of other religions like Shamanism, Paganism, Celtic, Egyptian, Mesopotamian, the three Abrahamic religions and some more. It really fascinates me! I have been reading just a few books about the craft of Wicca. 😛

My little collection of Wicca books. I think my cat approves XD

Wicca helps me with finding balance in the world and myself. I have just started and I have so much to learn. But step by step I’m getting more feeling for it and I absolutely love it!

And that’s it for now. Hope you enjoyed this blog!

Much loves,

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