About me


Hi, this above is me!

I’m Gwendolyn Dijkstra, 23 years old and live in the Netherlands.

With a lot of courage, I’ve decided to start writing about my life and my little adventures to come. At this moment it feels like my life is going into a new chapter and that’s why I wanted to share this. This blog will be like a diary to me, where I can write about anything related to my life; activities that I do and (personal) thoughts that I wanted to share. As an introvert this will all be very new and awkward to me, so I’ll do my best to get used to this. Eventually, I also wanna try out making video/ vlogs on YouTube. But first things first, right! 😛

Even though English isn’t my native language, I wanted to challenge myself to write in English. For a long time, it had felt like a huge obstacle that I had to overcome. Now I’m glad I did!

Hopefully, you’ll enjoy taking a look into my life and feel free to ask or share something with me!

Much love,